Christmas Eve!


To do list

Wow. It has been one busy day and I’ve literally just sat down for the first time at 7pm! I don’t get it though… Christmas day and the lead up to it as a child always looked so easy and stress free and it certainly did not feel like that today! In fairness, the day didn’t get off to a roaring success… No sooner had I put the duvet covers into the wash (I thought I was being super organised!) did Mark come up the stairs, look at the empty bed in panic and say, “Where’s my phone? It was on the bed!” 

Cue major panic stations as we both ran to the washing machine and frantically tried to turn it off and open the door… Thankfully, it turned out his phone was actually safely downstairs in the kitchen and things resumed some normality!

So… today’s preparation!

Stuffing baubles and salting the turkeymeat prepStar anise carrots (courtesy of watching an old episode of Tom Kerridge Cooks Christmas!), infusing the milk for the bread sauce, red cabbage and boiling the potatoes for roasting…veg prepAaaaaaand making the sticky port gravy!

sticky port gravy

Things started off pretty well in the kitchen and, certainly for the stuffing baubles, everything was organised and calm! By the time we reached the red cabbage (as you can probably see from the picture!) things were not quite as zen and relaxed! Haha! I also think this is the first time I have ever made a gravy from scratch and the recipe really didn’t lie – it doesn’t look at all pretty when you’re making it! However, the finished product is smooth, glossy and super tasty so I guess I’ll forgive it! I’m now excited for tomorrow to see how crispy the potatoes get and if salting the turkey really does help to keep it moist and juicy.

So, after some major tetris game playing to make it all fit, everything is now in the fridge… you really do need an extra fridge for Christmas, don’t you?! We Skyped Mark’s parents earlier and, after showing his mum all the stuff in the fridge, she did ask if we were feeding a crowd of people rather than just the two of us! (I’m looking forward to experimenting with turkey pie and curry recipes!)

Now, it’s time for a hot chocolate and some snacks whilst watching a Christmas film with my nearest and dearest, especially as someone is nearly as tired as me after being supervisor of all cooking today!


Merry Christmas to everyone and keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow that everything goes to plan!

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