An Alternative Thursday…

I made a schoolboy error when meal planning this week. Lasagne… on a school night, from scratch, with less than an hour to make it in before the gym? Silly Kirsty. So, instead of sweating it out at the gym tonight I was sweating it out over Lasagne and, now that Mark is at the gym and it is bubbling away in the oven, I can take this opportunity to blog about the weekend just past. And let me tell you, we did something crazy… … We went to Dubai for dinner. MPW Grill Ok, ok… I know that probably doesn’t sound too crazy but remember, we live in Ras Al Khaimah! And one of the reasons we moved out to RAK in the first place was due to a deep rooted hatred of Sharjah and Dubai traffic combined with a road rage prone husband. Map (1 hour 1 min, on a Thuesday… Pah, Google maps… Who are you trying to kid?!) However, as we bought the Fine Dining Entertainer at the start of the year we felt that we should really make an effort to get out more and make some use of it. After extensive research (Anything on or near the marina or Palm Jumeriah was definitely out… We’re not that crazy!) we decided to go the Marco Pierre White Grill in the Conrad hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. Thursday was the chosen night, partly because we decided to do a bit of extra work in school and then head straight from Sharjah into Dubai, saving us the effort of driving home and then driving back a few hours later! So, off we set on our adventure! Conrad Conrad2The restaurant has been well decorated and we liked the fact that, from where we were sitting, we had a great view of the open kitchen and could see our meal being created. Although it is a big restaurant, the dimmed lights hanging down from the ceiling help to create a feeling of intimacy. My one quibble with the decor would be that the booth tables felt slightly too high when you were sitting and I obviously wasn’t alone in that thought as we watched another couple be seated at one and then ask to move. Or maybe that only affects short people like me as Mark didn’t seem bothered! Amuse BoucheThe starters were delicious; I opted for the scallops whilst Mark went for foie gras. The foie gras was beautifully creamy and delicious, especially when paired with the fruitiness of the chutney on the side – which, as you can see from the picture, there definitely wasn’t enough of! The scallops were yummy and I loved the freshness and zing of the salad on the side. Fois Gras ScallopsMoving onto my main of duck breast with confit leg parcels, rhubarb and cabbage was also a pleasure. Now, I’m not normally a rhubarb lover but this was melt in your mouth tender with a freshness which, when paired with the duck, was just a match made in heaven. I also loved the confit leg which was wrapped up like a wee present in cabbage! Duck and RhubarbMark had the braised beef cheeks for his main and, although it was beautiful presented, the actual meat was a bit jelly textured rather than melt in the mouth tender. beef cheeksHowever, dessert definitely pulled Mark back on board as he raved about his sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce and I also enjoyed my ‘coffee and cigar’ – coffee creme brûlée and tuille. sticky toffee pudding coffee and cigarWe finished the meal off with an actual coffee, in the hope that it would keep us awake on the journey back to RAK, and some delicious after dinner treats. treatsI have to say, I think the Entertainer vouchers are a great way to encourage you to try new and different restaurants and, all in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our night at Marco Pierre White and would definitely return again! Thanks as well to the staff who looked after us with such courtesy.   (NOTE: Woopsie! This post has been sitting in my drafts box for a while now without me realising I hadn’t published it – Sorry!)

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