Saturday night ‘fakeaway’

sweet and sour chickenRecently, Mark has been away a lot, first on the school ski trip to Switzerland and then for a course in Qatar. Whilst I missed him lots whilst he was away, the upside was the little gifts I got on his return! When he came back from Switzerland he got major brownie points with his gift of Chanel perfume, so I was eagerly anticipating his return from Qatar and the subsequent gift!

“Soooo, what did he bring you?” I hear you ask curiously. Well… In fact, he brought me a diet book. Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like a subtle hint from your husband, is there?!

However, once I started flicking through The Hairy Bikers‘ (Dave Myers and Si King) book, The Hairy Dieters, my mind started to change.

The Hairy DietersThere are so many delicious looking recipes and unlike some cookbooks, where I find myself looking at complicated and unmanageable recipes with huge ingredient lists, they all look like things you could actually do easily at home! I was particularly taken with the ‘fakeaway’ section of the book, where they have re-created various takeaways with a healthier, homemade twist.

I have watched lots of food programs on home-made takeaways but have never really thought that any of them looked easier than picking up a phone, ordering and waiting for the food to be delivered. (Oh, the downfall of the UAE – where everything delivers!) However, the sweet and sour chicken recipe caught my attention and looked quick enough to make that I thought I would give it a try.

Wow, am I glad that I did! It was truly delicious and, forgetting a slight hiccup moment when I realised that we no longer had a tin opener, very quick and easy to make!

no tin openerI can’t wait to try more of their recipes and would definitely recommend their book to others! (We’ll just have to wait and see whether it helps me lose weight though!)

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