A thrifty dinner!

beef stuffed yorkshire puddings with broccoli

It’s something that I always find difficult – making interesting and tasty meals, using well sourced produce, whilst a) trying not to blow the budget and b) not taking up the whole evening! So when Mark suggested a roast dinner for tea tonight, my heart sank. I could already see the myriad of pots, pans and dishes in front of me, all filled with items needing to be cooked at different times, for different lengths and on various heats.

Just in case you were even wondering… No, I haven’t cooked a Christmas dinner yet and I’m dreading the day!

I was racking my brains… and Pinterest… for a solution, when I stumbled across a canapé idea for mini yorkshire puddings with a slice of beef curled up cutely in it. Perfect! Especially as Mark’s favourite bit are the yorkies and it also had the added bonus that instead of having to buy a larger piece of roasting meat I could buy one steak, thinly slice it and there would be enough for two! Cheaper and quicker to cook, always a winner!

Yorkshire puddings

I do have to say it, my yorkshire puddings were deeeeeelicious! Puffed up, crispy and super easy to make! Using store cupboard and fridge staples – flour, eggs and milk – they are very cost effective! Head over to the recipe here to see how.

With the yorkies in oven and the broccoli steaming quietly on the hob, my attention turned to the steak. I wanted to make sure that I treated it with care, especially as I needed it to stretch further! Before making the yorkshire puddings, I had briefly taken the steak out of it’s packaging and covered it in some olive oil, salt and pepper, then left it to come up to room temperature.


With a pan over a high heat, I added the seasoned steak and let it cook for three minutes on each side before transferring to a plate and covering with foil for a further 5 minutes. The theory is that this allows the meat to relax and suck back up all the delicious juices and looking at the beautifully cooked steak I had when I sliced it, it must be true! Success!

All in all, a scrumptious dinner which was well appreciated by the hubby, whilst also being hassle free!

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