It’s the most glorious time of the year!

CarrotsNever did I think I would utter the sentence, “Ahh January and February, the perfect time for growing vegetables!” Apparently, more fool me! So, here we are in February and whilst I’m harvesting our home grown carrots, Europe is facing blizzards and freezing conditions! Pretty stark contrasts! I must admit though, I do miss proper winters at home and any opportunities they bring to go skiing but, on the other hand…. 25*C in February is also pretty enjoyable! WeatherI have never been very green fingered and plants die on me more often than not, so I was super impressed with my baby carrots! They smelt divine being pulled out of the ground and, although some of them would definitely have ended up in a supermarket ‘wonky’ pile, there were a fair few lookers too! Now all I needed to do was to think of a way to use them! I decided to make an Asian inspired coleslaw to go with some short ribs and (as a sneaky treat) some chips! coleslawimage_9It was delicious! The coleslaw is a great way to use up veg and is a much lighter alternative to the regular creamy version! Find the full recipe on the recipes page. Enjoy!

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