An apple a day…


I have an admission to make… I don’t really like fruit. (Sorry Mum!) Don’t get me wrong, I know the benefits of it but I just don’t really enjoy it!

I have some friends that absolutely adore it: they will quite happily eat a punnet of blueberries at break time or munch into an apple with apparent enjoyment, whereas I look at the apple above and envision replacing it with a chocolate bar! (I especially dislike hot fruit in puddings… I just don’t get it… Don’t even get me started!)

However, 11 days into the New Year and I am trying to train myself to like fruit in a bid to embark on a healthier lifestyle. Today, I even felt rather virtuous eating my apple, especially as I chose it over some delicious treats which had been brought into the staff room for someone’s birthday! Let me tell you, it was not an easy choice!

At the weekend though, I felt the need for a bit of a treat apple, a weekend jazzed up apple, with a bit more oomph! So I created this…

Jazzed up apple!

…and it was pretty delicious!

I started by cutting the apple into slices, taking the core out of the middle and spreading some peanut butter on top of them. Then, I added the toppings – which can be whatever you want! I sprinkled on some coconut first, followed by some chocolate shavings and then walnut pieces. The beauty of it was that I only needed one small chocolate square for the apple but it totally solved my need for chocolate, in a… sort of healthier way!

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