A Healthy and Happy New Year!


A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! I made several new year resolutions this year and one of them was to try and keep up to date with my blog, (wish me luck!) which has been a bit neglected since the craziness of Christmas performances and reports started back at the end of November! Others resolutions, like many people’s I’m guessing, included being healthier and, hopefully, this little gadget above is going to help me along the way!

Now, I have been on the lookout for a pasta replacement for a while. I have seen so many posts on Pinterest about spaghetti squash and how it’s a fantastic substitute for pasta and I thought that I had found the solution. However, after many searches… I cannot find it anywhere here! (Please, if you are living in the U.A.E and have found some – tell me where!) But then I started to see posts about using vegetables, such as carrots and courgettes (zucchini) to make noodles and my interest peaked again. I could certainly find these vegetables but how were people making them into noodles or, in the case of zucchini, zoodles!? Were there really health crazed people everywhere spending hours upon hours thinly slicing vegetables or was there a simpler way?

However, after speaking to my mum one day, all was revealed.

“Kirsty, I’ve just got this really good gadget called a spiralizer, it slices vegetables into long, thin noodles!”

Ah ha! And the search was on to find one! After a quick internet scour I discovered that Lakeland sold them… although whether or not they would have them in stock here was yet to be seen. Now, my very kind class and their parents had grouped together to get me a gift voucher as a Christmas present and what better way to spend it than on kitchen and cooking items! So off to Mall of the Emirates we went where, thankfully, Lakeland had a few varieties in stock. One was the one pictured above and the other was this one below.

Lakeland - Spiralizer

Why did I choose the rather simple looking Spirelli instead of this, all guns blazing, Spiralizer machine? Simple really…
kitchen kitchen 1… this is my kitchen. It is officially… tiny. Cupboard space is limited and the above surface is the only one available for food preparation and organisation! So, faced with the choice of having a bulkier object which would require significant worktop space or one which would easily fit into a drawer, it was a bit of a no brainer!

I was a bit worried, after reading some of the negative reviews on the Lakeland website, that the Spirelli would be a bit of a waste of money, however I actually think it is great! It’s simple to use with the sharp blade easily cutting through the vegetables.

carrot spaghetti

Yes, ok, it doesn’t use all of the vegetable – the core is left and sometimes a bit at the top as it gets too small to push through but this could be cut up and used in other dishes, to avoid wastage. It was also featured in this month’s BBC Good Food Middle East magazine as a ‘great new product for your kitchen’ and I would have to agree!

I used my carrot noodles… coodles?!… to create this delicious dish, which can also be found in the recipes section:

Ginger and chilli prawns with baby courgettes and carrot spaghetti

So here’s hoping that my new Spirelli toy helps makes 2015 healthier in a fun and interesting way!


  1. Happy New Year Kirsty! I’ve had the spiralizer for a while now and love it! Also, I have found spaghetti squash in Waitrose in Dubai Mall but only bought it once. It was extremely expensive but it’s one of my favourite vegetables so it was worth it.

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