Winter’s coming…


Now that the clocks have turned back in the UK and Halloween is past, it definitely feels like winter is once again upon us. Today, as if agreeing, the weather sent all UAE residents the true symbol of Winter starting. RAIN.

And not just a light, pitiful shower. Oh no, this was done in style! Lightening lit up the sky whilst thunder rumbled away in the background, fighting to be heard over the noise of the rain hitting the ground.


As we watched the storm rolling over from the safety of our home, we started to have cravings for winter comfort foods… Warm bowls of soup, hot chocolate with marshmallows, all enjoyed whilst snuggled up on the sofa watching a film or two.

Leaving Mark to guard the window and keep me informed of any interesting weather updates, I went to rummage in fridge. I found some pumpkin, left over from this week’s Ripe delivery and, still feeling slightly halloweeny from yesterday, decided to go recipe hunting for what to do with it.

After a quick Internet search, BBC Good Food came up trumps, with a recipe for a: Sausage and pumpkin roast. Perfect. Even more perfect was how simple and easy it looked. Mark, still feeling slightly delicate from yesterday’s brunch, did not look too impressed with this choice of dinner. I think he was envisioning some form of unhealthy carb loaded dinner…. However after a moments thought, I decided to just ignore him and make it anyway!


So, into the roasting tin went; sausages, red onion wedges and pumpkin slices. I sprinkled over some cumin powder and then mixed it all together with a bit of olive oil. Into the oven it went for about 25 minutes before taking it out to add in the gravy and then letting it simmer in the oven for another 5/10 minutes.

The result:

Sausage and pumpkin roast

A scrumptious dish that was just as warming and comforting as we had hoped for. The pumpkin had roasted down to a soft, melt in your mouth texture and had slightly sweetened the gravy in the process. Whilst being nothing difficult or fancy, this dish was definitely a hit with both of us and will be being made again in the future!

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