4 out of 5 ain’t bad…


So. Here we are again.


Welcomed home to the UAE after summer we fell into the easy routine of takeaways, home delivery and an abundance of restaurants. At one point Mark even said to me, “It just wouldn’t happen in the UK… We have eaten out every night this week!” Well, I’m sorry, but sometimes a 7dhs shawarma is just too good to refuse!

However, as usually happens once we settle back in, we have now reached the point where we are tired of our gluttonous ways and want to form a healthier lifestyle… Helloooo healthy weekly menu, home cooking and frequent exercise!

This week our weekly menu for the week looked like this:

Saturday: Creamy courgette, mushroom and pea spaghetti

Creamy courgette, mushroom and pea pasta

Sunday: Ginger beef, mushroom and kale stir fry with rice

Ginger beef, mushroom and kale stir fry with rice

Monday: Mediterranean chicken and salsa (I’m sorry… In the excitement of eating I must’ve forgotten to take a photo of the completed dish!)

Mediterranean chicken and salsa

Tuesday: Ahem. It was going to be lovely, simple puff pastry tartlets with mozzarella and tomatoes… Until I bought the wrong pastry and forgot to defrost it before leaving for work. Trying to think on the spot I tried to cook some Quinoa with fridge leftovers. Mark ate it in silence before delivering his cutting verdict.

“I appreciate that you cooked and made something for dinner, however I really didn’t like it.”

Oh. What a disaster, so no surprises that there’s no photo from Tuesday and lets move on quickly!

Wednesday: What an exciting day! Our PSG has started organising orders for Ripe boxes at our school. The fruit and vegetables are all organic and, from what I can gather, are also grown locally. Mark and I were intrigued and excited by the surprise of not knowing what to expect in the box so we ordered both a fruit and a veg. Well, we weren’t disappointed!

Ripe fruit and veg boxSo, armed with some new ingredients, many which I wouldn’t even normally go for, I started researching! From a previous job as a housekeeper in a ski chalet I remembered serving an aubergine, tomato and mozzarella tower and started to formulate an idea. I realised that Mark wouldn’t be too keen on aubergine and I really needed him to like it after the previous nights’ disaster so coating them in panko breadcrumbs to make them soft in the middle whilst crunchy on the outside seemed like a plan! The fresh parsley pesto was luscious as were the tomatoes!

Panko coated aubergine slices with tomato and mozzarella, topped with parsley pesto

Aubergine tart

I will upload all the recipes tomorrow as it is most definitely bedtime now! Hopefully next week will be just as healthy!


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