Boys and their toys…

I don’t know about everyone else’s partners but mine is addicted to all things technological. He just loves gadgets and, as I type, is sitting with his laptop on whilst typing away on his phone.


Don’t get me wrong – he uses technology amazingly well in the classroom to engage children in their learning and ensure they progress and develop… but it does results in a LOT of gadgets lying about the house. All sorts of cameras, hard drives, video recorders, iPads and laptops litter our house as something newer and shinier undoubtably supersedes the last!

His most recent obsession is all thanks to our lovely friends, Hannah and Stuart. Whilst enjoying a few drinks one evening they happened to mention an app, which allows you to photograph the label of your potential wine bottle and upload it to see how other people have rated and reviewed it before you buy it.

What a revelation! In Mark’s opinion… “We like the wine which we know.” However, in truth this means… We like wines from Burgundy in France, where my parents live and where we spend most of our summers happily consuming them!

VivinoHowever this app, VIvino, opens up a whole new world to us where we can snap unknown bottles from a huge range of countries and see how others have rated them. I wish I was joking when I say that Mark spent about half an hour in the local alcohol shop today snapping away. The most I got out of him was, “It’s a 3.7!” or “Ooooooh… a 4.2”

“Yes dear, but it’s also above 1000dhs so move away, QUICKLY!!”

Despite now being a vivino app widow and penniless, I would definitely recommend this app to all wine lovers… Go out and get snapping, rating and reviewing!


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