Grandparents on Tour – Waldorf Astoria


As you may have guessed from the title, my husband’s grandparents are out visiting us. People are always surprised when we mention that his grandparents are coming out, my own grandparents in particular often being the most surprised!

“Oh, how adventurous they must be!”

“How brave they are to fly all this way!”

However, they love it. During our time in the Middle East, both in the UAE and in Qatar, they have been our most frequent visitors and, two days into this trip, they are already discussing when the next one might be! We love it too, most obviously because we get to see and spend time with them but also because it means we get to eat out at lovely restaurants and explore new places in the surrounding area.

Last night our venue of choice was the Waldorf Astoria here in Ras Al Khaimah. On a previous weekend stay, Mark and I had dined at Qasr Al Bahar, a buffet style restaurant, which we had enjoyed hugely and decided that it would be a good choice to take the grandparents.

I should mention that this restaurant is the one which guests staying in the hotel on a dinner, bed and breakfast package are allocated and because of this they do not take advance reservations for general visitors. However, when we arrived, they had  plenty of space and we were quickly shown to a table.


The evening which followed was just perfect. The service was outstanding; polite and courteous waiters who were there to help you into your chair, fold your napkin and assist in any way they could. I asked for some cumin seeds to accompany my cheese selection and my husband asked for a finger bowl after eating some ribs, both of which were instantly provided. The chefs were also keen to explain the food and happy to make you fresh naan bread and pasta dishes amongst other things.


Whilst the selection of food they have to offer is not as large as many of the brunches or duppers in Dubai, the quality and freshness of the food is excellent. The selection is still varied, offering choices from salads, seafood, pasta, curry, cheese and desserts to name a few!


The bread and cheese selection was simply scrumptious. I was tempted by many a fresh, crusty mini baguette smothered with some of the oozing Brie and Camembert. Mark definitely had eyes bigger than his belly and came back with basically the whole cheese board in miniature!


As for the desserts: chocolate lollipops, chocolate wheels decorated with nuts and fruit, miniature tarts and puddings… Oh, we were in heaven! I particularly enjoyed the banoffee pie whilst Mark declared the ice cream and kiwi fruit sorbet a perfect way to finish off the meal.

At 250dhs per person for the buffet (food only) we felt that it was money well spent and would definitely return in the future with other guests.

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