Snacking… without (quite as much) guilt!

Oh my goodness. Where has time gone? I apologise profusely for not blogging in a while. Please don’t unfollow me, I am still alive!  Then why have you not blogged in so long? I hear you asking. And well, the truth is… I have been teaching 4 year olds and boy, are they exhausting! When I volunteered to move from teaching my lovely wee Year 3’s down to Foundation 2 I thought that I knew what I was letting myself in for. I thought that I understood how much attention and time they would need. Dare I say it that I even thought, “How hard can it be to play all day?” How wrong could I be?! They are absolutely adorable but demand all my time, energy and enthusiasm and that’s forgetting all the planning and preparation that goes on before they arrive and after they leave. Finding activities that are engaging, fun and educational is no mean feat and I take my hat off to all those who have been doing it for years. Playing gamesComing home after each long day, I have been falling asleep soon after getting in… I think the record was 7.30pm! Functioning in a normal way seemed impossible and at one point Mark even said to me, in a typical male way, “No-one should look as tired as you do!” Gee, thanks! However, at the end of Week 2 and after a sleep filled weekend, things are starting to look up. So much so that I felt up to tackling the problem of aperos and snacking whilst trying to eat healthily.

After some smooching around Pinterest and BBC Good Food I had a few rough ideas and set off to work. The main idea was to find an alternative to items such as crisps for when we came home from school and something a little bit naughty for an after dinner snack.

I came up with: Savoury popcorn with spicy chickpeas

Savoury popcorn and chickpeas

Aaaaand, Banana and peanut butter and dark chocolate bites

banana, pb and choc bites

As well as being tasty and easy, they are also very cheap – something that is super important to us right now, as payday seems to stretch further away each day! You can find the recipe for these treats by either clicking on the links or heading over to the recipe page!

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