The restaurant dilemma.

rules for life

As you might remember from my The Dubai Stone… post, I have been running in an effort to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit over the summer. It’s not been easy and there has been (many) times when I have contemplated faddy diets as a quick fix solution to losing weight. One night, after watching me eat an extremely restricted diet for three days, my parents sat down and typed me up some ‘rules for staying slim in an unfair world’.

There’s nothing hugely ground breaking in it, just gentle reminders and tips about making good decisions when it comes to food. However the one that caught my eye and sparked heated discussion between Mark and I was number 2…

When eating out or in – 2 out of 3 is the rule. Either or but never ever all three. 

I casually mentioned that, obviously, you would choose a starter and main only to be drowned out by Mark’s protests in favour of choosing a main and dessert. It’s not that I don’t like desserts, I love them, especially ones with chocolate in them! But I often feel that starters provide more opportunities for restaurants to show off individual and unique recipes. When it comes to desserts I truly believe that the classics are the best but because they are often ones I have tried before I’ll, grudgingly of course, give them up! However, Mark feels exceptionally hard done to without a dessert to end a meal!

After arguing our own sides back and forth I am interested to know which two YOU would choose… are you a savoury person through and through, or does your sweet tooth win?

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