Smoked salmon and gruyere palmiers

Smoked salmon and gruyere palmiers

Going into my mum’s fridge is always an adventure. You’re never quite sure what you might find… sometimes you might find treats like chocolate or biscuits, cannily hidden behind things in an attempt to stop others eating them, and other times you might find things like jam or sauces, which expired about three years previously!

So on this day, as I was rummaging about in the fridge trying to appease my appetite, I found some puff pastry… two days out of date. Rather than throw it away, I inspected it, decided that it was still edible and tried to think what I could do with it. 

Now, I am a big fan of Rachel Khoo. I love her take on recipes and my husband has been kind enough to buy me both of her cookbooks to pour over. Once before I tried to make her mustard and gruyere palmiers, however I don’t think I rolled the pastry tight enough as they fell apart in the oven! However, as the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed… so I decided to give it another bash!

These palmiers are smoked salmon and gruyere and, to be honest, the way I made them turned out to be more of an assembly job rather than a recipe which involved anything taxing!

First, heat the oven to 200 degrees C. Then, I took the shop bought puff pastry, unrolled it and (as it was circular) cut off the edges to create a rectangle. I then went back into the fridge and stumbled across a 100g pot of smoked salmon rillettes, which is like a pate. This was spread over the puff pastry in a thin layer.

puff pastry

Following this I grated a thin layer of gruyere cheese over the top and then sprinkled it all with finely chopped chives.

cheese grating

Now comes the only semi tricky bit, to roll it up! I roughly marked where half way was on the pastry and, taking one of the longer sides, started to gently roll the pastry.


When I reached the middle I stopped and started rolling again from the other side. The finished roll looked something like this…


By this time the pastry was fairly hot and getting sticky so, before cutting it into slices, I wrapped it tightly in cling film and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Once it had cooled down, I sliced it into around 1cm thick pieces and placed them on a tray covered with a baking sheet.

cut palters

Finally, these went into the preheated oven until they were golden brown, around 10 minutes.

They were delicious! Light and crunchy with a definite taste of smoked salmon but not in any way over powering. The great thing about these is you can pretty much add whatever you want to them, making them an excellent way of using things up like a wee bit of leftover cheese or a few herbs.

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