What would YOU do for a free lunch?

Well, today, my cousin and I cycled 40km, in the pouring rain, along the Voie Verte to a wee cafe/restaurant in Charney Les Macon.

voie verte map


When we started we were so naive and happy, full of confidence that we would meet our deadline of a 12 o’clock lunch. There was even some discussion between us of arriving prior to 12 o’clock and surprising my parents and husband by waiting for them… Do I need to tell you that that didn’t happen?!

There were parts of the cycle which were lovely and flat and we enjoyed admiring the beautiful Burgundy scenery as we passed. However, there were other parts where the hills seemed to stretch upwards forever and no matter how hard we pedalled we didn’t get anywhere! With some seriously determined cycling we managed to reach our destination, tired and sweaty, but just 15 minutes late – to very amused looks from the restaurant staff who had been informed of our crazy task.

cafe de la gare

This was our reward – treated to a lunch courtesy of my parents at Cafe De La Gare in Charney Les Macon. It was a shame that, due to the rain, there were no tables set up outside as I imagine that it would look even more picturesque in the sun. However, inside was cosy and warm with a lovely, bustling atmosphere of people chatting and enjoying lunch.

After a quick change, we sat down and realised we were both STARVING. Thankfully this delicious meal followed quickly after!

tomato salad

My starter was a roasted tomato stuffed with tapenade and topped with what we first thought was goat’s cheese. It actually turned out to be a swirl of meringue which, although slightly weird, was overall very tasty!

steak frites

I followed this up with a traditional steak and chips with a wee bit of ratatouille on the side.

chocolate tart

To end, I had a dark chocolate torte… which, as you can see, was so yummy that I forgot to take a picture of it until I was half way through it!

All in all, it was a delicious meal and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. The absolute cherry on the cake was the fact that, once we had finished, our bikes were put on the back of the car and we were driven home. Probably for the best after a couple of glass of wine!

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