Home from home…

Today, with the sun valiantly shining from between grey and overcast looking clouds, Mark and I headed into Louhans to visit their weekly market. We had been promised a market which sells ‘everything’ and we weren’t disappointed! There were stalls selling a huge variety of goods from clothes to garden equipment and with everything you could think of in between. There was a lovely bustling atmosphere with stall holders calling out and promoting their wares, people greeting friends and others chatting in cafes with a glass of wine at 10.30am!

The market is best known for its live poultry market which, as well as selling a huge range of cockerelbirds, also sells various other animals including goats, ponies and dogs.

In a way, this section of the market reminded us both of the animal souqs in the Middle East. The main difference being that, although many of the birds were crammed into small and over-filled cages, they are bought for livestock on farms or to be eaten rather than as pets.

It did provide some rather entertaining moments however, especially as we watched one seller trying to put a defiant duck into a shoe box with no success!



I particularly enjoyed the food section of the market and walked about with my mouth watering and tummy rumbling! As you might expect in the Bresse region (famous for chicken) there were copious amounts of chickens being roasted, the smell wafting appetisingly through the market.


We almost missed this man behind his stall as he was so obscured by the garlic bulbs he was selling!

However… the highlight of our morning was spotting this little gem hidden in a corner of the market!


Over 5,000km away from the Middle East  but it felt like we were there as we both looked at the familiar kebab / shawarma machine.

Now, don’t tell my mum… as this definitely does not fit into the diet, but it was deeeeeelicious! Mark was slightly disappointed that it came in a bread roll type thing instead of a wrap but it was the lack of pickles that I missed!

I spotted some pickled vegetables in one of the stalls at the market and think I will be experimenting with some vinegar in the upcoming days to try and satisfy the craving!

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