Slow but steady wins the race…

…Well, let’s hope so, because otherwise I have no chance! I will quite happily admit (and will no doubt be backed up by all members of my family) that I am not a fast baker. Things that my mum can do easily in minutes take me hours. It’s not that I’m bad at baking, just that it’s a lot more precise than cooking and I’m still learning! If I am following a recipe when baking… I. AM. FOLLOWING. A. RECIPE.

That doesn’t mean that I might change a bit here or add in an extra ingredient there, it means I will read it once, maybe twice, very carefully and then follow each step exactly. What’s wrong with that I hear you ask? Well, nothing in theory but it only takes the simplest of things to throw a spanner into the works. Take todays Good Food Courgette and orange cake with cream cheese frosting for example. After seeing the recipe in this month’s magazine it seemed rude not to try and re-create it, especially as we have courgettes growing in abundance in our garden.



All was going well until the recipe stated ‘soft brown sugar’. I duly went into our larder cupboard in search of sugar and was faced with a multitude of choices…. caster sugar, dark brown sugar, light muscavado sugar, icing sugar… I must’ve spent about five minutes al least panicking over which sugar would be the closest substitute until, finally, I saw a bag sneakily hiding at the far back corner which, low and behold, was ‘soft brown sugar’. PHEW.

A similar situation occurred when the recipe asked me to ‘squeeze out as much liquid as possible‘ from the courgettes. Imagine my panic as I desperately tried to squeeze liquid out from the aforementioned vegetable with my hands, was I squeezing out enough? Should I squeeze them all out again? Is the cake going to be too watery?

However, despite all my worries and fears the finished product turned out very well… except for slightly runny frosting that became more of a drizzle/sauce! My family certainly enjoyed it, even my courgette wary husband!

courgette and orange cake

slice of courgette and orange cake


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