The Dubai Stone…

Losing weight is never easy and, as most people living in the Middle East will know, it’s even harder in a place where EVERYTHING delivers and for at least four months of the year all you want to do is hibernate inside away from the heat! It seems to be so common for expats to put on weight that recently, when speaking to a colleague about weight gained since moving, she just nodded and said knowingly “It’s the Dubai stone…”

In an effort to lose this extra weight, Mark and I embarked upon a serious gym and healthy eating routine. All was going well until… The Summer Holidays. Now, please don’t think I am complaining but, as teachers, we get about 8 weeks off for summer in which we travel back to France and the U.K. to visit family and friends. We love it, but it also provides an excellent excuse for multiple lunches and dinners out, meeting friends for calorific drinks and generally indulging it every way because “We’re on holiday!”

This year we were adamant that we wouldn’t put on a holiday stone too and so, since arriving in France, we have been running regularly. Mainly, I will admit, with the motivation that when we arrive back to the house there will be a delicious treat like this apricot and cherry frangipane tart waiting for us courtesy of my mum! It’s just too delicious to resist, especially with a scoop of ice cream on top and, after all…. We’re on holiday!

Apricot and cherry frangipane tart

Find the full recipe in the ‘recipe’ section!
slice of apricot tart

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