Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner is something of an institution in the U.K. with the french commonly referring to the British as “les rosbifs” so it seemed only fitting that today, with the rain pouring down and the thunder crashing, we indulge ourselves!

The fridge and freezer were raided and… Slow cooked lamb shank and anchovies served with parmesan polenta and steamed broccoli was decided upon. Now, this might seem like a very intricate and fancy dish however in reality it was a dish made from leftovers! After raking through the fridge and cupboards my mum discovered some courgettes, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, chorizo and a few anchovies. 

Hot tip: Don’t throw away broccoli stems – slow cooked with the lamb they taste just like asparugus!

These ingredients were roughly chopped and thrown into the bottom of a casserole dish. The lamb shanks were nestled in amongst these with a teaspoon of stock powder, half a bottle of red wine and some water sploshed in over it all. Shoved into the oven for three hours at 160 degrees centigrade and the beautiful dish below was formed.

Lamb Shank

We had this with a bottle of Givry 1er Cru – Domaine Ragot, a wine that sings of Burgundy and really complemented the lamb beautifully. It was supremely tasty and our two cairn terriers certainly appreciated the only things that were leftover… the bones!

A full recipe for this dish can be found on the ‘recipes’ page of this website!

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